Emerging London-based selector whose sounds are as diverse as her approach to life 


‘I try to use music to express my love for life. At its essence the dancefloor is an unfiltered space where togetherness exists, a place where everyone is equal…….that may sound a bit clichéd but it’s something I genuinely believe in. It’s as important now with what’s going on in the world politically and the seemingly unforeseen side-effects of social media as it’s ever been’.
Syreeta is passionate about her sound which is best described as high energy tech; a fusion of chunky basslines and melodic grooves, with the focus on keeping the dance floor moving. Although fairly new to the scene by some standards, her love for house music means that she gets just as much enjoyment from delving into her extensive back catalogue to educate the crowd as much as playing the latest releases. She’s all about creating an atmosphere that is an expression of her character – a spirit of happiness and inclusivity.
She cut her teeth on the thriving underground party scene in East London playing alongside and learning from the likes of Point G, Clive Henry, Alex Arnout, Archie Hamilton, Samu.l, Varhat and Vid. The common theme, and what people have quickly grown to love about Syreeta, is that she doesn’t want to just play at the biggest parties, she wants to play at the best parties. Ones where she has an opportunity to connect with the crowd and where the vibe is right. Her attitude is a throwback to the Rave Era and has seen her play at a wide range of venues from forest raves, underground basements, Ibiza clubs and car parks, to party buses, beaches and boats.
Her feel for the dancefloor means that she’s able to have a relationship with and excite a wide variety of audiences which led to her being asked by Mixmag to play on the Smirnoff House stage at Reading Festival, Parklife, VFest and Trnsmt where she played with artists such as The Shapeshifters, Monki, Jasper James, My Nu Leng, Sam Divine and The Menendez Brothers.
Syreeta’s musical influences stretch far and wide, from rock to hip hop, jungle, jazz and everything in between. If you ask her who she admires, it would change depending on her mood, whether it be bands like Pendulum, The Prodigy and Skunk Anasie who bare their soul and leave it all on the stage. Elements of this can be seen in her dj sets where she’ll always be dancing as she plays and if she’s not behind the decks you’re likely to find her on the dance floor as, at heart, she’s all about good vibes! She hopes her journey into djing not only brings joy to others but inspires people of diverse backgrounds to similarly follow their heart and explore their passions in life.
After featuring in Mixmag’s magazine showcasing her as an essential new talent, Syreeta made her Paris debut at The Lab Paris, alongside Jamie Jones and went onto take part in the Mixmag Lab Home Sessions during the Covid lockdown. In addition, Syreeta joined a Pride live stream event alongside Maya Jane Cole, Kiddy Smiles and DJ Paulette for Beatport curated by He.She.They for whom she is a resident dj. Most recently Syreeta joined Classic Music Company label boss Luke Solomon on his monthly Business As Usual radio show, on his 60 minute ‘hot mix’ guest slot.
Syreeta can also be heard at her residency at Reasons Festival where she has played with heavyweights Alan Fitzpatrick, Btraits and Rossko. Production has been keeping Syreeta busy with some exciting mood elevating releases planned soon