It was pretty much at the end of the last century when Reznik dragged his record boxes into a night club for the first time. He was living in Leipzig at the time. Leipzig was and is a city with a vibrant and elaborate underground scene for electronic music.
Big impact on this guys mindset!
It was in 2009, a couple years after relocating to Berlin, when he teamed up with Adam Port, &ME, Rampa, Monja Gentschow and former member David Mayer and the whole Keinemusik story unfolded. At some point, he took care of the KM labelmanagement for a couple of years.


In 2019 he started a collaborative project with his old companion Good Guy Mikesh with key releases on Keinemusik, Permanent Vacation or 2MR. He strives for DJ sets that draw on groove and on soul (not necessarily the musical genre, but the spiritual entity) and go wherever they need to go. Be it the route of (Indie)Disco and Synthwave or the New York- and Chicago-informed House course. Main thing here is that it moves you.