A journey that starts way back at the dawn of the new millennium, year 2000, and that deeply runs through the past, present and future of club culture.


 From the finest soul vibes to the most daring futuristic landscapes, the label established by Pastaboys (Rame, Uovo, Dino Angioletti) shines as the perfect playground for the landlords’ and friends of theirs – a list growing year by year – imagery. It’s house music broght to a higher level: as conscious of its own roots, as ready to explore new stylistic boundaries. Just one rule has to be always followed: keep it tasteful, stylish and highly refined. In a history long now more than a decade, releases like “Born Again”, “Body Resonance”, “Limit”, “Hozho”, Deep Musique  are an enviable statement: dance music is still a matter of body and soul.