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(K-tek Records)

Hello. I am Bohdan, here today to telling you about the famous
recording artist Partiboi69.


Some have said spiritual leader, icon, prophet. Others have said not these things. Partiboi69, who introduces new advices in the cultures of wet memories, and risqué visual activity, is advertised on the Internet as “symbol of love and mystery of Australian underworld.”
He is CEO of Mutual Pleasure Recordings and Stingboi Productions, also with the famous online mixes: Cutting edge, computer-animated video graphics are illustrating the Partiboi69 world in his popular YouTube posts, which have been playing over 3million times, and using the world famous disciplines of Electro Dank, Ghetto Freak and K-Tech.
With stylings of the utmost comfort, golden chains, hardware smugglers and hitman jacket, the Partiboi69 sound is being heard in “Freaky Dreamz”, “Magnificent” and “Always Keep It 69”- now exiting from the damned love scene in Melbourne and bringing mutual pleasure onto the European territories. With the debut releasing of a white label sold out on his own Unprotected Recordings, and an undertaking of a second
International tour with a sell-out, the Partiboi69 high humor and bravado are not jokes, but even more concern for the provinces of 2020.