(Solid Grooves)

From the early career stages in an Amsterdam attic studio to being called “a breath of fresh air”,
“producers to watch”, and “future superstar DJs”, the importance of commitment and patience is once
again underlined by the prime example presented rig..


After hours and hours of hard work and tweaks to reach undisputed
perfection, the first eye-opening works of the Amsterdam based sparked the interest of record label Armada Music, subsequently leading to the release of summer anthem ‘Strobe’ on Defected records breakout label DFTD in early October 2015.
Despite their tender age, ANOTR have played on summer festival hotspot Ibiza, rewarded their fans with multiple DJ performances during Europe’s main dance music conference Amsterdam Dance Event, and graced plenty more internationally acclaimed clubs, venues, and festivals with their distinctive sound,and unmatched, on-stage energy.
With plenty of remixes, EPs, and experimental compositions looming on the horizon, the vast expansion of ANOTR’s foothold in Electronic music territory had already begun. Where and if it will end, nobody knows. But once thing’s unmistakably certain. ANOTR are fresh, consistent, and more than sufficiently
talented to aim for music world domination.